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7PM Central Time | Monthly

Join us each month for the latest insights on brain science innovations. For more information, visit our events FAQ page. Please contact brainhealthevents@utdallas.edu with any questions.

Dr. Francesca Filbey

September 30: Dr. Francesca Filbey
Time: 7:00 PM Central Time

The Reward-Motivation Loop: What Addiction Teaches Us About the Brain

Where is the intersection between science and public health? Join Dr. Francesca Filbey as she discusses the neuroscience of addiction and how we can close the gap between scientific knowledge, public opinion and legislation surrounding the impacts of cannabis on health and behavior. 

Dr. Walter Greenleaf

October 21: Dr. Walter Greenleaf
Time: 7:00 PM Central Time

Not Just Games: VR to Boost Brain Health

If you think the world of virtual reality is for gamers only, think again! VR is impacting our world in a profound way, especially in the medical field. Join us on October 21 to learn more about how virtual reality is increasingly used for education and treatment in the fields of health and medicine.

Byron Sanders

November 10: Byron Sanders
Time: 7:00 PM Central Time

21st Century Learners: The Creator Archetype

Learn about innovative approaches that reverse despair, cultivate hope, and create a new generation of inspired thinkers. Hear about an innovative initiative strengthening social and emotional learning and the impact of advocacy to empower our youth, and how that ties into BrainHealth’s mission of Better Brain. Better Life. Better World.

Bryon is President and CEO of Big Thought, an impact nonprofit that closes the opportunity gap by equipping all youth in marginalized communities with the skills and tools they need to imagine and create their best lives and a better world.

Dr. Ian Robertson

December 9: Dr. Ian Robertson
Time: 7:00 PM Central Time

The Confident Brain: The Science of Self-Belief
Sponsored by: Bank of Texas

Imagine we could discover something that could make us richer, healthier, longer-living, smarter, kinder, happier, more motivated and more innovative. Ridiculous, you might say... What is this elixir? Confidence. If you have confidence, it can empower you to reach heights you never thought possible. But if you don't, it can have a devastating effect on your future. Confidence lies at the core of what makes things happen. Find out more on December 9. 



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