Frontiers Spring Series 2022

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Frontiers Spring Series 2022

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Fridays at noon Central Time | Weekly

Where are the frontiers of brain science? Take a deep dive with leading experts. The Spring series is virtual and at no charge. For more information, visit our events FAQ or contact with any questions.

Please contact with any questions.

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Knowledge x Identity: The Interaction of Two Important Factors on Science Acceptance

Asheley Landrum, PhD

Friday, January 21 2022

12-1pm CT (10-11am PT/ 1-2pm ET)

Meta-research Computing, Brain Health and Neuroimaging

Christopher Simmons, PhD

Friday, February 18 2022

12-1pm CT (10-11am PT/ 1-2pm ET)

The BMW Story: The Brain, Music and Well-being

Yune Lee, PhD

Friday, March 4 2022

12-1pm CT (10-11am PT/ 1-2pm ET)

Scientific Python: Past, Future, and Present

Jarrod Millman

Friday, April 15 2022

12-1pm CT (10-11am PT/ 1-2pm ET)

The Metacognitive Underpinnings of Confirmation Bias and its Political Consequences

Michael Lundie, MS, MA 

Friday, April 22 2022

12-1pm CT (10-11am PT/ 1-2pm ET)

Understanding Controlled Attention Through Pupillometry

Matthew Robison, PhD

Friday, April 29 2022

12-1pm CT (10-11am PT/ 1-2pm ET)